Digital Mastery Self Assessment

What is 9 + 8?
Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
Technology is allowing us to link customer-facing and operational processes in new ways
We use analytics to make better operational decisions
We sell our products and services through digital channels
We are using digital technologies to understand our customers better
We have launched new business models based on digital technologies
Digital initiatives are coordinated across silos such as functions or regions.
The company is promoting the necessary culture changes for digital transformation.
Senior executives have a transformative vision of the digital future of our company.  
Digital initiatives are assessed through a common set of key performance indicators.
IT and business leaders work together as partners.
We have an integrated view of key operational and customer information
The company is investing in the necessary digital skills.  
Senior executives and middle managers share a common vision of digital transformation.
The IT unit’s performance meets the needs of the company.
We use digital technologies to increase the performance or added-value of our existing products and services
Our core processes are automated
There are possibilities for everyone in the company to take part in the conversation around digital transformation.
Roles and responsibilities for governing digital initiatives are clearly defined.
We use digital channels to market our products and services